About Whitestone Wire

The Whitestone Wire is niche next-generation financial news reporting firm mainly covering Energy & Utilities (Oil & Natural Gas) and REIT (Financial) sectors stocks. We provide our readers an ‘inside’ look at Stock Markets, providing access to information once available to the Stock Market elite. We cover all areas of finance, including breaking street news, mergers & acquisitions, earnings analysis, financial rumors and expert analysis.

Whitestone Wire realizes that our success as an agency is tied directly to our readers and site visitors. Our team combines analysts’ industry expertise with quantitative financial modeling, field-based research, and industry channel experience. Our coverage spans more than 300 companies (covering large cap, mid cap and small cap firms) mainly the following sectors:

  • Energy & Utilities
  • REIT & Financials

Our approach combines bulge bracket resources with a boutique culture where research, sales, and trading are integrated to provide value to the institutional investment process. Our sector verticals deliver a multi-discipline approach from research through trade execution. We deliver research that demonstrate a deep understanding of market and company fundamentals along with market filters such as volatility, credit, macro, and non-fundamental analysis.  We separate ourselves from other news services in its commitment to focus only on market moving events and analyze news in real-time.



Corporate Office

The Whitestone Wire

Address :  100 Crescent Court, Dallas, TX 75201

Phone: (214) 855-2447

Email: [email protected]